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1959 Copa de Oro:

Pg. 6    High School Building

Pg. 10 Administrators
Pg. 11 Counselors
Pg. 12 English
Pg. 13 English
Pg. 14 Math
Pg. 15 Science
Pg. 16 Social Studies
Pg. 17 Foreign Language
Pg. 18 Fine Arts
Pg. 19 Industrial Arts
Pg. 20 Physical Education
Pg. 21 Personnel

    Senior Class
Pg. 22 Commission
Pg. 23 Commission
Pg. 24 Girls' League
Pg. 25 Boys' League
Pg. 28 Weldon Winners
Pg. 29 High and Mighty
Pg. 30 Adams to Bauman
Pg. 31 Belding to Bruce
Pg. 32 Buckner to Collins
Pg. 33 Currey to Driscoll
Pg. 34 Eastwood to Flack
Pg. 35 Forsha to Gray
Pg. 36 Greatrex to Hettesheimer
Pg. 37 Hockersmith to Keith
Pg. 38 Kirk to Lincoln
Pg. 39 Loomis to Mortensen
Pg. 40 Mowrer to McLin
Pg. 41 McNally to Parker
Pg. 42 Parks to Richardson
Pg. 43 Rieckenberg to Shearon
Pg. 44 Siemer to Swink
Pg. 45 Sylvester to Warrender
Pg. 46 Webster to Works
Pg. 47 Wright to Ziegler
Pg. 48 Senior Committes
Pg. 50 Senior Activities

    Junior Class
Pg. 52 Anderson to Benz
Pg. 53 Bergherm to Carlson
Pg. 54 Carnes to Enright
Pg. 55 Farlee to Henderson
Pg. 56 Hensler to Kvien
Pg. 57 LaFreniere to Nevarez
Pg. 58 Newcomer to Schmidt
Pg. 59 Schreiber to Tripodes
Pg. 60 Tubbesing to Ziegler
Pg. 61 Junior Activities

    Sophomore Class
Pg. 62 Alexander to Clouse
Pg. 63 Colburn to Hudson
Pg. 64 Hummel to Parkins
Pg. 65 Parks to Ware
Pg. 66 Wheeler to Worthing

Pg. 70 Yell & Song Leaders
Pg. 71 Flag Girls
Pg. 72 Pep Association
Pg. 73 Bengals
Pg. 74 Copa de Oro Staff
Pg. 75 Copa de Oro Staff
Pg. 76 Tiger Staff
Pg. 77 Tiger Staff
Pg. 132 Queen & Princesses
Pg. 133 Color Day
Pg. 140 Ads

1958 Copa - Juniors - Seniors
1957 Copa - Sophomores
1956 Tiger Cub
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1954 Tiger Cub

South Pasadena High School
Class of 1959

Last update July 12, 2021
206 graduated in 1959, 248 are listed on the 1959 Alumni web page,
the additional 42 attended SPHS and appeared in the 1957, 1958 or 1959 Yearbooks.

Twohey's Restaurant is now open in South Pasadena.

2021 Alumni Picnic was June 5th.
2022 Grand Reunion will be June 10-12.

2021 Alumni Picnic group
We had a surprisingly good turn out at for only having a one week notice that South Pasadena had opened up Garfield Park to groups and that the 2021 Annual SPHS Alumni Picnic was a go. Left to right front: Tom and Mary Ann O'Hara, Ron and Ginny (Sylvester) Howe, Dave Westlund, Judy Warrender, Don Ziegler, Don Watson (58); back row standing: Bebe Huff and Gil Kveen.

Aloha classmates, 116 signed up for our 59th Reunion
joining with the class of 1958 and their 60th held
September 22, 2018

Who Came - Arcadia Hotels - Itinerary - FAQ

Santa Anita Park Gate 5 Marquee

Attendees, as they came to Gate 5, saw the Welcome Tigers on the giant marquee sign.

Santa Anita Park Club House
All the classmates and guests after dinner settled down long enough for the group photo in the Chandelier Room of the Santa Anita Park Club House. There is no racing going on until the last day of Sept., so we had the whole Club House area to ourselves. Built in 1932, the spacious Chandelier room is elegant in the art-deco style. There was an area just out of camera to the right where Don Ziegler set up his DJ system to play our kind of music. At the Club House entrance we could take an elevator or stairs to the air conditioned room. Signage took us from Gate 5 on Huntington Dr and Colorado Pl. to our reserved parking in front of the Club House entrance.

Mona Kai Invite 1958

Mona Kai four in 2018

I know what you are thinking - these four have not changed a bit in 60 years. Remember the Mona Kai? One of the girls clubs put on a Hawaiian dance party at the Huntington Sheraton. It was girls choice and they made Hawaiian shirts for their dates to go with their sarongs. OK, no shirt or sarong making required this time, but Hawaiian dress was suggested for the reunion, and many came looking like mainland tourists fresh from shopping at an ABC Store or Hilo Hatties in Waikiki.

Mike Archer '58, Penny Bell '59 (married to Mike since 1962), Suzy Briggs '58 and Bob Converse '58.

Clubhouse view of Mountains
The views of the mountains across the winners circle and infield were fantastic.

Reception Tiger
The Tiger statue loaned by Marlene Gunderson '51 greeted classmates and their guests as they entered the Regency Lobby to sign in, get their yearbook photo name tags, first drink ticket and future free Clubhouse admission ticket. The Tiger is being passed on now from reunion to reunion; Our class years and reunion date were written on the bottom.

Friday's ID Button

This button was given to each attendee to ID them to the Peppers staff as a member of our group at the Friday night meet and greet to get the appetizers and extended happy hour drink prices.

John Howell and Lenore McManigal
John Howell '58 and Lenore McManigal '58 kept us in stitches telling stories on each other and classmates during the program after dinner. Rob Clyde spoke for the class of 1959.

Table and Centerpiece

One of the 13 tables set for 10 people each with the center piece designed by Suzy Briggs '58 using a cored out pineapple for a vase and holding silk flowers. Note the bowl with the orange and black jelly beans in front of the center piece. We saw a few smiles with black teeth during the evening.

Art Hawkins and his Tesla

Art Hawkins '59 drove his Tesla down to the reunion from Northern California stopping twice for a one hour super charge before resuming his cruise down the 5 on auto pilot.

59 Mitch, Judie, Penny, Barbara, Art, Pam, Suzie

59ers Mitch Denning, Judie Anderson hiding behind Penny Bell, Barbara Monahan, Art Hawkins, Pam Eastwood and Suzie Butzen.

Elenore Hosinski and Marie Tartaro

58ers Elinore Hosinski and Marie Tartaro await their table to be released to the dinner buffet.

Robert Lincoln, Pat Nicholas, Pete Fiori and Rob Clyde

From 59, Robert Lincoln, Pat Nicholas, Pete Fiori and Rob Clyde.

Shirlee Edwards, Barbara Hutchinson and husband John Bedrossian

From 58, Shirlee Edwards, Barbara Hutchinson with husband John Bedrossian

Barbara Monahan's Granny shirt

Barbara Monahan's Grandma shirt says it all.

Denis Petersen and Tom O'Hara

Any problems? It's all Denis Petersen '58 and Tom O'Hara '59's fault.

Pat Harvey and Tom McLaughlin

Pat Harvey '59 and husband Tom McLaughlin.

Shirley and Richard Bulfinch

The Bulfinches, Shirley and Richard '58.

Judie Swink, Judie Anderson and Barbara Monahan

59ers Judie Swink, Judie Anderson and Barbara Monahan

Kenneth Knicker, Lorilla LaPlante and Judy Genovese.

58ers Kenneth Knicker, Lorilla LaPlante and Judy Genovese.

Club House Reunion Layout

Final layout of the Chandelier Room as approved by Denis and Tom a few days before the event.

The food buffet is being set up for our hungry group in the Concorse Room.

Who Came to the Reunion?

Out of 120 registered prior to August 22nd, 101 Classmates and guests attended the Reunion Saturday September 22, 2018 at the Santa Anita Race Track Club House.

    Class of 1959
    28 classmates and 8 guests

    Judie Anderson
    Penny Bell
    David Black
    Patti Bruce and guest Tom Young
    Suzy Butzen and guest Hal Lobaugh
    Rob Clyde
    Mitchell Denning
    Pam Eastwood and guest John McKeever
    Pete Fiore
    Dee Garber
    Mike Gilbert
    Robert Hall and guest Annette Hall
    Patricia Harvey and guest Bob McLaughlin
    Art Hawkins
    Ron Howe
    Gil Kveen
    Bob Lincoln and guest Carole Lincoln
    Gini McBride
    Kathy Melendy
    Jeff Millham
    Barbara Monahan
    Pat Nicholas
    Tom O'Hara and guest Mary Ann O'Hara
    Judie Swink and guest Lynda Parlette '60
    Virginia Sylvester
    Mary Tepe
    Judith Warrender
    Don Ziegler

    8 classmates came from outside of California. 2 live in South Pasadena. Barbara Monahan came the farthest - Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii, 2566 miles. 11 people from the class of 1959 cancelled for various reasons within a few weeks of the reunion.

    Class of 1958
    47 classmates and 18 guests

    Ernie Adams
    Colleen Akey
    Mike Archer
    Reid Badgley
    Joan Bedell
    Ina Begerow and guest Michael Manning
    Melinda Blair
    Suzy Briggs and guest Rudy Baron
    Susan Brown
    Dick Bulfinch and guest Shirley Bulfinch
    Dollie Chapman
    Cal Clark and guest Bunny Clark
    Bob Converse and guest Libby Clark
    Sandi Edwards
    Shirlee Edwards
    Wally Emory and guest Pam Emory
    Diane Farrow and guest Bob Stewart
    Paul Ferrer
    Jim Fetzer
    Judy Genovese
    Betsey Gray
    Gail Gustafson
    Jim Hamman
    Gordon Harper and guest Sheryl Harper
    Eleanor Hosinski
    John Howell
    Herbie Hughes
    Barbara Hutchinson and guest John Hutchinson
    Julie Kempf
    Ken Knicker and guest Sandra Knicker
    Lorilla LaPlante and guest Allen Banbury
    Sue Lawler
    Brian Mawdsley and guest Dana Mawdsley
    Lenore McManigal
    Mike McMillan
    Jane Moon
    Linda Nelson
    Richard Parker
    Denis Petersen and guest Sarah Petersen
    Don Robertson and guest Shirley Robertson
    Richard Robison and guest Susan Robison
    Gary Sherman and guest Helga Sherman
    Marie Tartaro and guest Sid Sims
    Jackie Tietsort
    Fred Wagner
    Don Watson
    Steve Wawra and guest Linda Wawra

    16 classmates traveled from outside of CA to attend. 3 live in South Pasadena. Lorilla LaPlante came the farthest - Plainfield, Vermont, 2508 miles. 9 people from the class of 1958 cancelled for various reasons within a few weeks of the reunion.

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