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Last update Sept. 27, 2018

58/59 Reunion - September 22, 2018
Frequently Asked Questions

Below are questions that have been asked about our coming reunion:

Q:         I just heard about the reunion, can I still come?
A:         Sorry, no, registration ended August 22nd and we had to give the venues the total number of people for the contract.
            Only way is if some one cant make it and transfers their registration to you. Absolutely no pay at the door.

Q:         I have some medical issues, if I can't make it, can I get my reunion registration money back?
A:         After August 22nd we cannot refund, but we could transfer it.

Q:         I don't remember the Mona Kai, do I have to wear Hawaiian clothing?
A:         No, smart casual or what ever you are comfortable wearing is OK. This reunion is all about getting together again.
            We thought Hawaiian would be easy and comfortable for most people this time of the year.

Q:         Will there be a golf tournament on Saturday?
A:         No one has stepped forward to organize it yet, but the Santa Anita Golf Course is a few blocks from the hotels.
            Saturday greens fee is $40 walking and $15 for a cart.

Q:         What will you do if there is any registation money left over?
A:         Since we exceeded our 100 person quota, it is a possibility. Anything left over will be donated to the SPHS Alumni Assn.
            in the name of the classes of 1958 and 1959.

Q:         I'm not a carnivore, can something be substituted for the beef and chicken entrees for me?
A:         Sorry, no. It is a fixed menu. We asked about adding a non-meat entree, but it would have cost everyone and
            we wanted to keep the costs down to $99. You could eat a little something before you come, and/or go heavy
            on the potatoes, veggies, salad, fruit and desserts. It is buffet style.

Q:         How do I see my classmates profiles on the SPHS Alumni Assn. web site?
A:         On the SPHSAA.org home page just below SIGN IN on the upper right side, click on JOIN HERE.
            Follow where it takes you to our year and your name. Fill out the info and submit it.
            It will ask for your email and to make up a password. There is no charge and everything you put in is confidential.
            Then you will be able to enter what ever you want other classmates to see in your personal profile,
            add in photos, or send private messages to other classmates.

Got a question? Email Tom or Denis.

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